Perpetual Motion

“Perpetual Motion” is a transatlantic project involving saxophonists Sylvain Rifflet and Jon Irabagon, two of the most promising faces in the jazz scenes of France and United States, celebrating the music of Moondog.
It was premiered in the course of the 30th Banlieues Bleues jazz festival in 2013.

Sylvain Rifflet : “We want to re-construct Moondog’s music it the way jazz musicians re-invent standards, and decided to adapt the music for the two of us, Jon playing mostly alto saxophone, me clarinet and tenor saxophone, plus members of my band « Alphabet »

“Perpetual Motion” is Sylvain and Jon’s first common project, even though they have known each other for almost twenty years now (from the time when they played in an all-star college band of one of the major amusement parks of the US).
Developing separated brilliant careers in France and US, they have kept in touch, sharing musical thoughts and thinking of a way to work together one day.
Discovering they were both sharing a very special interest in Moondog’s work, they have decided to persue a project inspired by his remarkable musical output, with its jazz, folk and street sound influences, across musical genres.

SYLVAIN RIFFLET saxophone, clarinet, conception, JON IRABAGON saxophones, JOCE MIENNIEL flute & MS20, PHIL GORDIANI guitares, BENJAMIN FLAMENT percussions, EVE RISSER piano & harpsichord, ADRIAN BOURGET sound, ANNE MARION-GALLOIS artistic collaboration, MAXENCE RIFFLET videos, PAUL BEAUREILLES lights

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